The Highlight Program is an additional program that is very useful to add our students skill when they are working in the Tourism Industry. By having additional skills, you will be ready to face job competition. If you want to get TIPS, add your skills at LKP TIPS.


One of the other skills we teach at LKP TIPS is Tour Guiding, where Balinese Culture is well known abroad and knowing Balinese Local Culture is an important skill that you must have to complement your knowledge.

Guiding Step:

  • Welcoming / Transfer in / out
  • Bali information
  • Bali Culture
  • Tour Guide


Having additional skills such as magic tricks, can make your guest’s vacation more exciting and unforgettable.

The kinds of Skill Tricks taught are Skill Tricks which are based on:

  1. Skill Practice or Misinteraction
  2. Gimick Trick (how to use) The equipment used is equipment that is in a bar, restaurant or objects around us.

Let’s learn Trick, because by learning Trick we will easily get new friends, new relationships and additional income (TIPS).


The bartender is not only mixing drinks, but also an entertainer who has  important part of the guest life celebration, when guests are on vacation.


Trekking, I.T, Entrepreneur are additional programs that we provide to support the skills and knowledge of our students

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