This program is designed for those who wants to become an entrepreneurs in the tourism industry, because in this program our students are taught all departments in hotels or resorts directly. By joining this program you will learn knowledge efficiently both time and price. We prioritize this program for those who already have sufficient English. In the 2B program, BELAJAR+ BEKERJA or Learning by Doing, you can learn while earning INCOME. Income can be experience, promotions, relationships, money and others.

Choose Your Course!

Bar skill is needed in the tourism industry in this globalization era. A bartender is not only required to mix drinks but also need to have the art of mixing drinks, so the guests who come to our bar feel happy and entertained while enjoying the drinks that we serve. By joining tips, we provide learning by doing method, so that students in tips will be far more qualified


Barista skill is really needed in the tourism industry in this globalization era. Because coffee is like a common beverage for everyone, so if you have barista skills, it will be easier for you to have a business such as a coffee shop, restaurant. Nowadays, there are many styles or coffee creations. A barista is not only required to make coffee but also as an art or latte art. By joining TIPS, we provide lessons and training directly, so that students in TIPS will be more qualified.

Somelier / wine server

Somelier is a skill that not so many young generation in Bali or in Indonesia know about it, because to serve a wine, you must have a good knowledge and skills about wine. As we know, all foreign guests loves wine, because wine is one of the main drinks when enjoy their meals (day and night).By having Somelier skills, of course, it will be useful to increase your income individually and for the company itself

Teppanyaki Class

Teppanyaki is a way of cooking in front of guests with specific skills. Many companies, hotels and cruise ships need expert cooks with teppanyaki skills, but not many people who are capable and skilled. So for the young generation of Indonesia if you want to get a job and able to do Teppanyaki Let’s join with TIPS.Tips are here to bring the solutions

Pastry Bakery

Pastry skills and bakery skills is to cook cakes and breads. Cake and breads, especially in Bali, Indonesia, is not only useful for  after-meal sweeteners, coffee and tea companions, birthday celebrations but also to be served during religious ceremonies. So with pastry bakery skills, it is certainly very promising to have your own business (coffee shop).

Balinese Cuisine

One of the highlights of learning in tips is learning to cook Balinese dishes. The young generations who have Balinese cooking skills are pride, because in addition to having cooking skills, you can also have Balinese culture. Of course guests who visit Bali want to try traditional Balinese cuisine. So, we as the younger generation of Bali are obliged to have Balinese cultural traditions so that tourists continue to visit Bali

Dining Room

With training that is directly carried out in a restaurant that is currently operating, it makes our students understand the real situation and condition of the restaurant


Working as a room cleaner is a very important position in the hospitality structure. Therefore, a Housekeeper must have sufficient knowledge in this field

Yoga Class

Yoga is the union of the breath and the mind. When we have yoga skills, of course we spread health both physically and spiritually for ourselves and also for others. Yoga skills are very useful to increase youth, maintain health and focus on work

Spa Class

The rapid development of tourism in the world, and the need for healthy living for all people in the world. Spa skills are one of the most popular skills in the world. By having spa skills, the opportunity to get a job is very wide.


Let’s join with TIPS, the future is more certain!

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