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Hospitality Industry

Why are we different?

TIPS Is a Training Development Which Based On Local Culture

PT .Saraswati management is a cruise line agent cooperate with Ligabue Catering S.A and Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

Having a five star standard, complete with, restaurant, bar, spa and gym with the Ubud views and located close to the beach

Captain’s Table Restaurant

Captain’ s table restaurant is the restaurant with nautica concept, which islocated in the booming tourism areain Bali, name Canggu.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors have hands-on experience for many years in the world of tourism, both in Bali and abroad

Sudi Artawan

Tourism Motivator and Entrepreneurship

I Wayan Sudiarta

Learning & Development Director Beverage Operation

I Nengah Wara/Brow

Learning & Development Director Housekeeping Operation

Arya Darma

Learning & Development Director Restaurant Operation

Putu Supariana

Instructor of Bar and Flair

Andres I Wayan Suyadnya

Spanish Instructur

Gus Edianto

Teppanyaki Instructur

Testimonials From Our Alumnus

Following are the testimonials of the alumni TIPS who have been working in Bali and abroad


My name is Komang Trimawan, I was graduated from a high school and now I am training at KTS Villa Bali and alsolearning English in TIPS. The knowledge that I get in TIPS, I can practice it directly in KTSBali. Here i have learned making juice, serving coffee and also handling guests. During one month, my English improving very well, and now I am able to communicate with the guest.For you who would like to study please join with TIPS and you can training or work in KTS Bali and Captain’s Table Restaurant. Thank you


My name is Ni Wayan Dewi Ayu Intan. I am currently working in Ligabue as a pastry cook, before joining the interview, I took a course at TIPS. For friends who want to follow my success, please JOIN TIPS!


I am Erawati, one of the TIPS alumni and now I have worked in one of the cruise ships in America. I am very grateful because I found the right training development and at an affordable cost, named TIPS where I joined F&B service training and also English. For you who wants to work on cruise ships and continue your education with affordable price, you can join TIPS, because TIPS have been very proven. I really thanks to TIPS because of TIPS I can become what I am today. Thank you very much TIPS.


We are currently in the final interview for the UK PNO cruise line. I am a vocational high school graduate. For youngster or friends who want to apply to the cruise line, you can come directly without worrying about the diploma, the most important thing is you have experience and if you are interested in improving your skills in the tourism sector please come to TIPS

Add Your Skill and Knowledge

Please choose the online or offline class


Learning Language is more than just pronouncing words in a classroom


This program is designed for those who wants to become an entrepreneurs in the tourism industry, because in this program our students are taught all departments in hotels or resorts directly. Specially for the one who has working experience and understand english.


The Highlight Program is an additional program that is very useful to add our students skill when they are working in the Tourism Industry.


The Hotel academy is designed for the young generation who wants to add or increase knowledge in the Tourism Industry

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